Simplifying makeup artists life

Makeup and hair artists breathe life into the characters of any show. The filmmaking process depends on these miracle workers to do their best to turn the script into a reality with their creativity and illusions. Professional makeup artists who want to make it to the top know that they need to be able to bring quick solutions to many challenges that come their way. Now that HD cameras are the standard technology, every minute details can be visible, requiring impeccable and meticulous work. The successful artist is detail-oriented and learns to master complex makeup techniques. Staying updated on new and innovative makeup gear and using tech-savvy technology earns them the respect of producers, directors and crew alike, and leads to future job opportunities.

Special effects are incomplete without makeup techniques that simulate wounds, bloody bullet hits and the like. It can be a difficult task to bring the director’s vision into reality in the challenging environment of the film set or on the stage. Dangerous stunts and real pyrotechnics are often used to create the look of gunshots and explosions on sets, requiring city permits and especially licensed professionals. However, there is a tool that achieves these effects without the need for permits, licenses and explosive squibs, and it should be considered indispensable in any make-up effects kit.

The Air Squib unit is a very user-friendly and safe option to fake a bloody bullet hit or dusty impact in dirt – or even zombies! With a small wireless remote control, you just press a button and create the entire illusion in camera – or on stage – without post-production visual effects. Add this to your professional makeup kit and you increase your professional worth, while you grow as an artist and technician. This safe, battery-operated unit can be instantly deployed in any setting or remote place using a hand pump to build up the required compressed air. An additional advantage to the Air Squib is that it does not require cutting a hole in clothing, a big money saver if you are dealing with expensive costumes. No wardrobe items are damaged in the process, provided you use washable fake blood.

Rigging conventional expensive and dangerous squib hits takes time, and in a fast-paced production environment the Air Squib comes in very handy to meet deadlines, please demanding directors and treat actors safely. Be the one who saves the day! With its ease of use and the low, one-time investment, acquiring an Air Squib makes sense for all makeup artists who deal with more than face powder and lipstick.

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