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The Air Squib was created for the love of Special Effects. If you are in Special Effects, Make-up, security training, you will find this page useful. I found books on amateur magic at the local library at the age of seven and have loved tricking the audience ever since.

From making photographic travelling mattes on “Big Trouble in Little China” to rigging hundreds of simulated bullet hits in Weird Al’s “UHF”  and dumping water on “The Abyss”, I loved making the impossible possible. It is now my mission to help you with solutions to typical FX problems. In particular, simulated bullet hit FX problems.


Our mission is to help you out in your special effects endavours. You will find a helpful handful of tools or ideas helping you to improve your work. We will share some of the clever items that me or my colleagues made for previous productions, and were really helpful. All items are tried and tested in real circumstances so you are certain to get a whole lot of experience built-into the products.

Head-shot with air squib


After working for a few years with mechanical special effects I found that creating the unusual or impossible is often a question of finding the right material or method. Granted, a great deal of success may also lie in your artistic ability, but I have always tried to rely on repeatable methods. I am a technical man and rely mostly on sciences lean mostly on sciences such as electronics, pneumatics and explosives.

As the results are repeatable, we can solve the same types of situations for people like you. To do so, I want to share some unusual ideas, methods, and products on this website.



I was probably like you, growing up in a small town and since an early age I wanted to make special effects on everything from smaller stage shows and plays, to TV-productions, bigger films and even Hollywood productions. So, at the age of 22, I packed my bags and went to L.A.

It took me a good three months to finally find someone who saw my potential and was willing to take me on. I first got to watch the blasting of a dam. Next was the shooting of the fireball in the “Die Hard” elevator shaft. You know that scene where McLane throws an office chair packed with explosives down through the open elevator doors. This was memorable…and great fun. At that moment, I knew in my heart that I wanted to do what these ingenious and inventive men and women did every day: creating illusions.

So, since 1986 I began working professionally with all aspects of mechanical special effects. Monsters, wilting flowers, air cannons, exploding walls, popping champagne corks, squirting slime, and small mechanical gadgets that break on cue etc. And the only thing I found is certain in this wonderful profession is that you cannot be certain of anything of what you see!

Creator Olov Nylander
Olov Nylander
Inventor of the Air Squib