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Water hits too

Need water hits? Apart from blood hits in actors, the air squib unit safely recreates water hits too. A few days ago we were out

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Shows medic ring

A dad as medic

I recently found my dad’s military ring. When my father did his military duty, he was a medic, helping “the wounded” to receive medical supervision.

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Dust hits in Poland

A Special Effects company in Poland was asked to create camera tests of bullet hits for a film production. I thought it would be cool

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Inventor’s August

This entry is for you all special effects inventors. Did you know August is National Inventors Month? It was launched to help guide new inventors,

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Stage hit

The simulated bullet hits we manufacture are not only made for film and TV, but are also used on stage. Here is a hit we

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What you can expect

If you are considering the air squib unit for creating your bullet hit action sequences, we know you have questions. You may even have concerns.

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Look – no hands!

One of the major advantages of using the Air Squib is that it is activated with radio control. No cumbersome switches to hide allows the

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Bullet hit squib effect in a wolf

The wolf hit

One example from one of our more than 400 users is when a wolf was to be shot in a dramatic sequence for the 2015

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