Clean out stage blood

When rigging bullet hit effects, you are often left with tubings not completely empty of stage blood. This is a quick tip from one Air Squib user on how to clean the tubings on the inside, not using your lungs. Clever!

Not only the upper body

A vast majority of the Air Squib hits we rig are in the upper body or back. However, the Air Squib makes it easy to rig a hit in any part of the body with a garment on. This is an example of a hit in an ankle and is really easy to rig. And did we mention; no licenses?

Simple wall splatter

My SFX colleague from Belarus – Dmitry Yasinsky splattered stage blood on the wall behind the actor using the Air Squib. Good work, Dmitry!

Easy to rig action

This is a typical example of how you quickly can create a bullet-hit effect using an Air Squib. This unit is primarily made to create blood hits in actors but also simulates ricochets in walls, ground, water and more.

Make your own hits!

Easy to access batteries

I am just very happy that it’s so easy to find batteries for the Air Squib even on remote islands.


Hit in winter jacket

Jacket hit air squib

The safe Air Squib is created to simulate blood hits in actors, but can also be used to simulate other hits. We have used the kit to recreate hits in walls, water, ground and much more. Here is a quick tip on how to create a “dry” hit in a jacket. You can use it with pillow filling and many types of material, even down, but here is what I like best. Simple to make, and the particles separate well in the air – and do not get shot out as a “white, fluffy sausage”!

In this video, I use the “Big Shot”.

Thug life

Here is a soundless clip of two thugs clearing the score using the safe Air Squib to create the action.  The T-shirts are new, and the treated fibres create a protective film that does not look as convincing as when using washed shirts. So, we recommend washing your shirts for an even better effect with the stage blood bleeding through the shirt from the first secon.





Stuntman makes his own hits

Stuntman Daniel Hallin tries out the safe air squib in a test with abun with blanks.

Looking great, Daniel! Great spray and your reaction also “sell” the effects. Good work!

On the back of the actor’s hand

Creative filmmaker Victor Saf tried the Air Squib in a new way, attaching it to the back of the actor’s hand, spraying stage blood on his face while simulating the hit. Victor also added the “add-a-hole-technique” shown here a few weeks ago, adding a hole in the hand using AE. Great work, Victor with an exciting sequence! Love that falling gun too!

Hotel room frosted glass

While preparing for an FX scene I stayed in a hotel room in Stockholm. The glass in the bathroom was a little intriguing, so I tried out a scene with some stage blood I thought you may find interesting.