Dimitry is a hit on location

Here is another bullet hit effect rigged with an air squib by FX technician Dmitry from Belarus. In the last couple of months, Dmitry has rigged several blood hits in actors for various productions. This summer, he is planning for the next production with more clever effects. He will be adding air cannons and a blood knife that will seep out blood when sliding the dull blade over the skin.

When Dmitry is not rigging FX, he is out in his AN-2 for forest patrol or turning out forest fires. But it is in special effects his heart lies. Dmitry has a passion for filmmaking and special effects and has already done a lot of SFX on previous film productions. He has built many gadgets and created typical FX equipment for film work. Dmitry also has specialized in stunt equipment, like air rams and air pulleys, but also has a knack for small, precision-made equipment, like this FX syringe with retractable needle. Our Belarusian FX-technician has worked on many productions during the years and tried everything from the art department to special effects.

Dmitry with Antonov AN-2

Good job, Dmitry! We wish you well and hope you get your air cannons, bullet hits and trick knives ready for your summer production!

If you like reading about similar FX colleagues, drop me a line. I would love to add more articles of clever colleagues around the world.
Best regards, Olov

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