How to fake pulsating blood

This is a small but helpful tool if you are in special effects, Makeup FX or if you are setting up training scenarios: The artery pump. This very economic and intuitive gadget pumps stage blood in intermittent “bursts”, realistically mimicking how a human pumps blood through the system. Great for simulating slowly pulsating bullet wounds or other lethal injuries on an actor. Well, why not have a look as Olov makes a mess of himself on this wonderful summer day in front of the dandelions! If he can use it, so can you!

If you don’t find any use for it, you don’t have a pulse!

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The Air Squib, is a pneumatic squib or air powered simulated bullet hit blood effect, that is mainly used for film, television or theatre productions to create the illusion of a performer being hit by a bullet.

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