Man shoots a gun


Man getting hit and shooting

Warfare involves casualties.

When casualties increases, stress easily rises to unmanageable levels. Unless managed early. Good preparation and immersion in realistic scenarios increases mental preparedness for the otherwise unthinkable, while growing skills for TCCC scenarios. Pre-primed casually scenarios let’s the operator focus on essential tasks and routines. In order to train alternatives repeated predictable training scenarios are needed.

The Air Squib makes repeated wound scenarios viable through its effortless set up and reset. These hits can be integrated in clothes,  combat gear, or laser simulation equipment to set up new wound scenarios without disclosing who is going to be wounded in a specific scenario. 

The Air Squib method is safe, silent and will also look most convincing. It has been used for training special forces training, for training of military forces in Europe and hostage training of security personnell.

In combination with tactical laser simulator training, realism is greatly increased from a synthetic voice: “Beep, wounded walking/left arm” as a verbal spoken message to a highly visual effect of a realistic, bleeding hit. This way, other players will also recognise a hit, even at a distance.

Air Squib Head Shot
Air Squib package

The Air Squib offers realism on every level, while offering instant reset of wound simulations. Using classic theatrical and movie exploding squibs is not an option in military scenarios. Instead, the Air Squib may be used in any closed situation without any risks for injuries or flying shapnel as it is powered only by air. 

The Air Squib also integrates well with tissue wound special effects and has been used in countless films to safely add action to films.

To further increase realism and to move into TCCC first responder training, the Air Squib can be integrated with tissue simulations and medical simulation systems, as well as personal simulation devices for laser simulation. In advanced simulations, “man-down” wound scenarios can be switched to a medical manikin such as a patient simulator using magic illusion effects, to keep the realism while letting every participant stay in character through the whole scenario.
If a repeatable sticks lane approach is used for the training scenarios, multiple scenarios can be trained in parallel.


The air squib works nice and safe.
Is also easy to rig in short time and re-set.
Testimonial Desmond Teng
Desmond Teng
Stunt and Fight Director
Nice! Great spray!
Aaron Preusse
Stunt Coordinator
It's a great toy I must say, easy to work with and good to have on film set. I am really happy with my purchase.
Testimonial Darius
Darius Cicėnas
Special Effects Technician
Air Squib inventor

Myself, I am a professional special effects technician and I have worked on a lot – from big hollywood movies like The Abyss, Poltergeist 2, Big trouble in Little China, Friday the 13th – to small weddings exploding confetti bombs when the newlyweds kiss. But is was during the production of UHF with ”Weird Al” assisting in the rigging of hundreds of exploding squibs that I felt there had to be a safer way of rigging bullet hits. In the parodic “Ghandi II”-scene, we brought in dozens of stunt people to enormous cost. I felt there just HAD to be a safer way to create bullet hits without dangerous exploding squibs…

After many calls from people wanting to recreate bullet hits, but found it was prohibitly expensive to fly me out on location for a stage show or indie production that I really knew something had to be done. It took me 20 years to come up with a solution safe, quick and easy enough for anyone enough to use, for me to launch it for injury simulation in films, on stage and for medical training.
Special Effects Academy nominee “Thaine Morris” really liked it too. And he should know as he has manufactured exploding squibs for decades!  I was overjoyed with his approval, and he was my first reseller! And he still is my best!

But, don’t take my word for it. Listen to what other professionals have to say on the video to the right.

"It's a life saver!
Every FX specialist must have one in their kit"
Testimonial Thaine Morris
Thaine Morris
FX Specialist

This is what you will receive when you purchase the air squib kit:

  • Safety! No explosives, just low pressure air power
  • Freedom to quickly rig silent bloody bullet hit effect on people
  • Full control by you when hit appears, allowing actors to focus on acting alone
  • Freedom to travel anywhere not needing special arrangements
  • Great economy as each hit only cost pennies to refill
  • Peace of mind that the air squib does not even damage the shirt
  • Freedom to create action anytime, anywhere

When picking up verbal communication in simulation scenarios, especially when gunshot sounds are simulated in headsets, it is good to know that the Air Squib signals it’s hit effects silently. 

As a bonus, Air Squib can even simulate different types of wounds, such as pulsating bleeding, calling for quick application of hemorrhage control and/or a tourniquet. Therefore all voice pick-up can be recorded without the sound from exploding classical pyrotechnical squibs.

This opens up for simulation of scenarios involving public space, cities, and sensitive areas with a minimum of interference with civilian business. As the Air Squib is non-explosive and self contained, no travel restrictions applies. Fluid selection can allow usage of different types of simulated blood or body fluid.

Today, more than 400 units are in use around the world. The Air Squib is the safest and fastest method of adding a bullet hit in any production. In fact, it is so dependable and durable that it is even used by NATO-forces and other military forces to train first aid in the field.

When you order the classic air squib it will be shipped by air mail and expect the package to arrive in 15 working days.

The air squib kit is packed in a foam-lined, durable plastic pistol case equipped with padlock loops. The interior dimensions are 16.25 X 5.75x 11.32 and hold an air pump, a receiver with belt loops, belt, filler syringes, tubings, nozzles, tape pads, a box for accessories and a radio control transmitter to activate the receiver. The weight of the case with kit is 3,2 kilos or 7 pounds.

When clicking the purchase button, you will be taken to the PayPal-page accepting payment via major credit cards or directly from your PayPal account.

To the kit you receive – just add the following:

  • 1 battery 12 volt 23a for transmitter
  • 2 pcs batteries 9 volt PPT3 for receiver
  • Stage blood or food color (we recommend ”’McCormick, RED”) – both diluted with water.

NOTE our FREE offer of professional stage blood below!

air-squib batteries



No need for explosive license.


No loud noises. Great for "scared" actors.


Minimal weight on the shirt. Easy to hide.


You can use it how many times you want.


No need for special effects people.


No damage on your clothes.


Powered with regular air.



Still not convinced to purchase your own great FX tool for future action productions? Then let me tell you timming has NEVER been better. Just look at these offers!


We include a FREE hand, blood pump for you to simulate a slowly pumping artery wound. And this is the BEST pump we have EVER seen! It allows you to  recreate a lifelike simulated pulsating that works great with the nozzles in the kit. A special valve and outlet let’s you pump thick, viscous liquid, previosly not possible to pump. Slow down the pump speed to simulate a weaker pulse. Also works great with other thick liquids! Attaches to any empty soda bottle.



To top up this offer, and honoring over 400 sold units we are for a limited time adding a bottle of FREE stage blood in the classic kit. Mix with water to make 20 oz (400 ml) of blood red liquid, ready to shoot between the fibers of any standard shirt etc. Buy now, to make sure you get this great offer! You will thank yourself a year from now for acting today!

 Note: Offers ONLY last for 50 units, or until we have sold kit number 450!

Blood Pump


The Air Squib is made from the best materials and is thus used by professionals in movie-, TV-, and stage productions, live events, injury simulation, military first aid training and has an excellent track record. The Air Squib is backed with a 180 day warranty against faulty workmanship.