Monsters, babies and frogs

Do you need monsters, babies, rubber knives or mechanized frogs? Then, I have a suggestion for you! This time I would like to introduce another colleague in the SFX world. His name is a bit difficult for the English speaking crowd – Schwerthelm Ziefreund, but he is a man that has worked on many prestigious films. In Schwerthelms company – ”movieSFX” near Munich – the crew sculpts, creates and builds special effects for feature films, TV Productions, stage and industry.

The special effects that the company creates include everything from SFX make-up, animatronics, SFX props, dental FX, mechanised animals, masks, blood SFX and creature design.

Schwerthelms company was founded 25 years ago, and up till today ”movie SFX” has been involved in more than 270 films. The effects range from smaller domestic productions and creations up to full-blown large international productions such as ”Angels and Demons” or ”The Force Awakens” and many, many more.

The crew has a lot to be proud over – actually every single effect. Because every special effect is different and unique in its own way. The crew works with the Air Squib bullet hit system as it allows you to bring things to the screen that would not be possible with pyrotechnics, lately on the German crime series ”Tatort”. The air squib allows for working with simulated blood hits close to the face without danger to the actor.

Naturally, the crew works with a wide range of materials and techniques to create life and death on screen and human anatomy is an important part of the knowledge when recreating prosthetics for injuries and creatures. They work with foam latex, silicone and all types of outer ”skin” – as well as the mechanical interior where remotely controlled movements are needed.

In addition to more classic death and monster creations, Schwerthelm and his colleagues are particularly good at creating animatronic babies for situations where using a real baby may be too dangerous. They also create stunt props, animals, weapons, blood and everything else needed for film production.

We are proud to be a supplier of FX syringes and the air squib to Schwerthelm but we are even more proud to see what Schwerthelm and his people at ”movieSFX” are involved in and what they can create. Why not see what the company has done previously – or how they can help you?

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