Squibs and Make-up Artists

Beauty make-up has – and will always be important, but with the increasing amount of action-packed series in the world, the amount of “victims” to physical violence has also increased tremendously. Several of our independent make-up customers mention that by bringing an air squib kit in their toolbox, they can negotiate higher day rates or fees just by being able to rig a safe, simulated bullet hit on short notice.

You will always impress the director and producers if you can introduce action at a moment`s notice. A simulated bullet hit works equally well for creating drama on the evil villain, or on the beautiful hero or heroine.
Squib on heroine's jacket
If you are a make-up artist, why not further increase your versatility on set by considering bringing the air squib?

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The Air Squib, is a pneumatic squib or air powered simulated bullet hit blood effect, that is mainly used for film, television or theatre productions to create the illusion of a performer being hit by a bullet.

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