THE SQUIB The Air Squib™, is a pneumatic squib or air powered bullet hit blood effect. It is mainly used for film, television and theatre productions to create the illusion of an actor being hit by a bullet. The Air Squib™ consists of three main parts: the radio control transmitter, the portable, radio-controlled air ejector – hidden on the belt, or similar, and the special nozzle – placed on the inside of the shirt, where you want the bloody hit to appear.

Thanks to the rugged unit, NATO’s special forces and defence troops have begun to use the unit to practice first aid and field surgery under realistic conditions.


“How about the blood? I can’t find any in the store!” You are right! You need fake blood to fake the shot!
Our secrets: We normally use plain red food color diluted with water! For an even more realistic result, get stage blood, and dilute it heavily.


Over 500 Air Squibs have been built and are being used around the world. USA, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway and many more. Anyone can use it. It is the safe and simple non-explosive squib for anyone who wants to create a bullet-hit effect without a permit or a hired FX technician. It is perfect for the FX technician on the go.

With the Air Squib in your toolbox, you will always be ready to rig a bloody bullet scene. It is safe enough for NATO to use the Air Squib for training Special Forces in life-saving and realistic battle conditions.

Just bring it, rig it, and shoot it!


Starting as an FX specialist in Hollywood in 1986, I went to Los Angeles trying to get to work for Special Effects companies. It was much more difficult to get “a foot in the door” than I could have imagined, but after several months of visits and cold calls, I finally found a company that let me in, and I got to work for films like “Flight of the Navigator”, “Predator”, “Big Trouble in Little China”, “Poltergeist 2”, and “The Abyss”. However, it was not until shooting the bullet hits for Weird Al’s “UHF” that I really started working with exploding squibs – or “bullet hits” to simulate flying bullets.

Since then, I solved all sorts of mechanical and physical effects for movies, TV, theater and grand openings. I love creating special effects. From the obvious effects like fire, sparks and general pyrotechnics, to those more custom made such as rain, wilting flowers, shaking washers, fake concrete that can be poured over an actor without creating a rash – or setting overnight! Or maybe a lightweight welding unit that may be used by a stuntman – but still burns while airborne. My favorite is probably the fall-apart outhouse…

Many effects are rather simple to create – but safety is of outmost concern. Just like with the air squibs! They create maximum impact and are powered only with batteries and a bike pump!

Creator Olov Nylander
Olov Nylander
Inventor of the Air Squib