A syringe with a retractable needle and with the ability to simulate liquid being injected into the body OR being extracted. This is a most unusual special effect prop not easy to find and the effect looks most realistic – even when you know the secret.  Used by magicians and/or in medical scenes in films etc. Allows for seemingly “injecting” strange liquids in actors or seemingly extracting abnormal (bright green etc) “blood samples” from supernatural creatures etc.

Note the following:

  • Hand-made precision prop
  • Equipped with a self-contained, liquid displacement mechanism
  • Equipped with a spring-loaded, blunt needle
  • Hidden and built-in  liquid chamber
  • Handle with care and it will serve you well!
  • Only to be used by actors under direct supervision by a responsible FX person
  • Created and built by friend and colleague special effects specialist Yasinsky D. (Belarus)
  • Keep away from children
  • Store in a safe place
  • Use dyed water for the liquid that must appear in the syringe or disappear from it
  • For thin liquids only
  • Tip: Use food color and mix in freeze-dried coffee to darken liquid.
  • Supplied in a beautiful handmade wooden, hinged box with recessed magnetic clasp
  • Supplied with lubricating oil for the syringe
  • Limited supplies.
  • Delivery times may occur – contact us for more info
  • This particular syringe is now used for education purposes by professional healthcare material suppliers.